New Jersey Projects (* indicates planned community solar project)

New Jersey Community Solar Program

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities has opened the application process for the New Jersey Community Solar Pilot Program. The first year of the program is accepting 75 MW of projects, at least 30 MW of allocated projects will service low- to moderate-income subscribers. Project capacity will also be allocated divided among each EDC area. AC Power is working with local municipalities, community organizations, and its partners in EPC and community solar subscriptions to ensure our sites will rank highly under the program’s eligibility criteria. With AC Power’s focus on converting closed landfills, brownfields, and other low value land into solar energy facilities, we are a market leader in New Jersey and well-versed in the development of the community solar program. If our projects are granted participation in the program, subscriptions will become available to residents and business owners to reduce energy rates. To be updated on subscription availability, please email