3.7 MW Solar Project, New Jersey

Situated on a closed landfill, this fixed tilt, ballasted solar PV project, co-developed by Project Navigator, Ltd. (CA) & Marina Energy, LLC, began operating at the end of 2016. AC Power assisted the developers overcome a complex and extensive project development period that entailed transferring ownership of the landfill, numerous permitting approvals with the Department of Environment and Board of Public Utilities and contracting with the landfill owner and ultimate owner of the project. The solar electricity is sold to the local grid and is capable of generating over 3 million kilowatt hours per year of renewable electricity.

6.2 MW Solar Project, New Jersey

Currently under development, this project is a landfill that has not been operational since the 1980’s but was not properly closed with the NJ Department of Environment. In order to construct a solar project on the landfill, it needs to secure a Closure Approval that includes solar as the long-term use. The project will sell power into the local grid or to neighbors through a long-term power purchase agreement. The project is expected to reach commercial operation in 2017 and generate nearly 7 million kilowatt hours per year of renewable electricity.

3 MW Project, New Jersey

This project is currently under development and proposes to install a solar project on undervalued land that was previously used for mining operations. Due to its location in the NJ Pinelands it requires extensive project approvals and environmental due diligence. This project will also sell solar electricity to the local grid and is expected to reach commercial operation in 2017.

Portfolio of projects in New York

AC Power is assessing numerous project opportunities in New York state that will qualify under their Clean Energy Standard. Each project is capable of generating 2MW of solar power and are situated on various sites including rooftops, landfills, and undervalued lands. The projects would either sell electricity to nearby commercial entities or through a community solar program.