Converting unused land into revenue-generating use

AC Power, LLC develops alternative energy projects by changing unusable or low value land into revenue-generating, clean energy sites. AC Power converts landfills, brownfields, or other low value land into renewable energy sites, generating income from sites that otherwise would be left vacant and unproductive.

Large-scale solar solutions

Solar photovoltaic (PV) projects present opportunities to offset the costs of landfill and brownfield maintenance or in many cases generate profits.

Project development know-how

With experience across all aspects of project development, AC Power can turn a simple idea into a revenue-generating operation in as little as 12 months.

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What we do

Our mission

The aim of AC Power is to increase the use of alternative energy through development of technically viable and economically attractive projects on low value land. Developing a solar project on a former landfill – often owned by a public entity – simply makes sense. However, these projects often require innovation and determination to bring them to fruition. That is what AC Power does best!

Our Services

  • Site Assessment
  • Renewable Energy Offtake
  • Interconnection Study
  • Environmental Attributes and Incentives
  • Permitting
  • Zoning
  • Contracting
  • Financing
  • Construction
  • Operation
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Our team

Collectively, the AC Power core team have over 50 years of experience developing alternative energy projects, monetizing environmental attributes and managing landfills. Contact us to see how AC Power can turn your brown green!

Annika Colston

Founder and President

Robert Simkins

Head of Origination

Tracey Mihelic


As a team they have been working together to promote alternative energy development for several years. Ms. Colston and Ms. Mihelic started working together in 2010 developing landfill gas to energy projects and monetizing environmental attributes of climate change mitigation projects. Mr. Simkins and Ms. Colston have been working together assessing and developing solar projects in landfills and brownfields for nearly two years. Together the team can address all aspects of alternative energy development to complete a project efficiently and cost-effectively.

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The AC Power core team have been working together to promote alternative energy development for several years. The AC Power team is currently conducting due diligence on over 50 MW of project through the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic and hopes to expand quickly to the Mid-West. Contact Us to discuss how AC Power can assist you in turning your project idea into a revenue generating opportunity.

Recent developments

  • 3.7 MW Solar Project
  • 6.2 MW Solar Project
  • 3 MW Project
  • Portfolio of projects in New York
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